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  • Chalk that as much as a script that may somewhat leer at our current social predicaments than interact with them critically (i.e. in the best way of all worthy satire).
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  • For one lengthy sequence, Hustlers loses its propriety and leers like the wolf in Looney Tunes.
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Giving an e mail handle is optional and, underneath our privacy policy, used solely to deal with your enquiry. What we’d like is motion and never simply empty phrases on this space. Still, freedom often meant pumping, grudgingly, in odd places, whereas ladies who selected to nurse endured tsk-tsks or leers. For one long sequence, Hustlers loses its propriety and leers just like the wolf in Looney Tunes. Aside from a quick flash of bared bum in the last scene, there isn’t a full nudity right here, and the show looks at its characters not with a leer but a rueful smile of compassion. Most of Apple’s sketches are executed with a leer, suggesting distance.

en.wikipedia.orgInstead, there are usually smirks, sneers, pouts, leers and thin-lipped, robust-as-nails shows of contempt for anyone who would dare mess with her. en.wikipedia.orgHis broad smile, encasing a row of gleaming enamel, seems extra a snarl or leer. en.wikipedia.orgHer background exhibits a mistrust of boys who would leer at her or need her to be one thing she isn’t. Is a translation lacking, have you ever noticed a mistake, or do you just wish to go away some optimistic suggestions?

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First Identified Use Of Leer

en.wikipedia.orgThe men are caught leering at a beautiful woman bathing in a waterfall and are taken prisoner by her men. The camera forces the viewer to spend practically as much time leering at culturally appropriative dancers at a salsa club in Miami as Midge does. Sean was muscled, but not from the fitness center, and there was a defiant, leering gap in his grin, where considered one of his entrance enamel was lacking. The camera cuts to a father figure leering on the couple with suspicion, and then to 2 women sitting at the table who giggle knowingly. In one other, a widow fends off a leering priest by tricking him into sleeping together with her maid.

leer in english

If you need to copy vocabulary gadgets to the vocabulary coach, click on “Import” within the vocabulary listing. Collect the vocabulary that you simply want to remember while utilizing the dictionary. The objects that you have collected might be displayed underneath “Vocabulary List”. en.wikipedia.orgWhen he turns, he sees the drenched female cat leering at him and begins to panic, realizing that “he is now” the victim of affection.

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to such a pitch did his eagerness and infatuation go that he sold many an acre of tillage land to purchase books of chivalry to learn, and introduced house as a lot of them as he could get. leer a Man to RuinTo gild a face with smiles; and leer a man to wreck. What you’re looking for just isn’t yet in our dictionary?

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